Watch these brief videos or read the latest research papers to learn more about investing in Canadian farmland and farmland lease financing.

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Farmland Lease Financing

Tom Eisenhauer, president of Bonnefield, discusses farmland lease financing and why progressive farm operators are partnering with Bonnefield. Ag Excellence Conference, November 2014, Winnipeg, MB.

Runtime: 7:59

The Case for Investing in Canadian Agriculture

Presentation given by Bonnefield President Tom Eisenhauer at the World Agriculture Investment Conference, October 2011, London UK.

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Investment Merits of Farmland

An overview of the key financial attractions of investing in Canadian farmland.

Runtime: 2:21

Agricultural Economics 101

A short tutorial explaining how agricultural economics is different than other industries and the implications for investors

Runtime: 3:56

Canadian Farmland – A World View

Presentation given at the World Agriculture Investments Conference, September 2010, London UK

Runtime: 9:38

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