Canada's Forage Crop

This paper provides an overview of the overlooked cornerstone of Canadian agriculture: the forage industry.

Farmland and Commodity Prices

This paper discusses the results of new research comparing 1980s farmland markets with current markets.

Investing in Canadian Agriculture

This paper provides an overview of the major economic and environmental factors that make Canadian agriculture a compelling sector for investment.

The Economic Value of Farmland

This paper highlights aspects of a farmer's economic decision making framework that influence their view of land value.

The Distribution of Canadian Farmland Returns 1951-2010

The data illustrate Canadian farmland`s attractiveness as an asset class due to its history of producing attractive returns with very low volatility relative to traditional asset classes.

Factors that Drive Farmland Values

The analysis of 60 years of data shows a remarkable consistency in the factors that have driven farmland prices in Canada.