Investment Overview

Farmland is regarded by some as one of the safest and most fundamental long-term stores of wealth and we believe that Canadian farmland, in particular, is poised to benefit from a number of converging macroeconomic and demographic trends that will impact the world’s food supply in the years and decades ahead.

Bonnefield’s approach is to partner with progressive, growth-oriented Canadian farmers to provide farmland leasing solutions to help them grow, reduce debt and finance retirement and succession. Our ultimate goal is to promote sound farmland management practices, help improve operator efficiencies and protect the integrity of Canadian farmland, which we believe are core to protecting and enhancing long-term returns for our investors.

At Bonnefield, we invest in and hold farmland for long-term capital appreciation and income. As Canada’s foremost farmland investment management and provider of land-lease financing for farmers, we offer qualified investors the opportunity to hold Canadian farmland through pooled limited partnerships.

Our farmland portfolios current comprise over 119,000 acres, leased to 120 farm families across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Incorporating principles of exemplary environmental stewardship as well as sustainable farming and agronomic practices, our goal is to become a long-term partner with our farm operators

Bonnefield is 100% Canadian owned and managed and invests solely on behalf of Canadian institutions and private clients. Since 2015 when Bonnefield became a signatory, it has received an “A” ranking by the United Nations supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN-PRI)

We do not buy farmland for redevelopment. Our goal is to preserve farmland for farming.