Ottawa, Canada, January 14, 2012—Bonnefield Financial Inc. is pleased to announce that a final round of fundraising was held for Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP I (“Bonnefield LP I”) on December 30, 2011. The proceeds of the offering were used to acquire and lease additional farmlands in transactions that were completed in early January, 2012.

With this final round of financing and the subsequent farmland acquisitions, Bonnefield LP I’s portfolio consists of over 15,000 acres of farmland located in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta with a total current value of approximately $20 million.  The farmlands have been leased to progressive, growth-oriented Canadian farmers in keeping with Bonnefield’s goal of helping Canadian farmers finance growth, improve productivity, increase profits and facilitate succession to the next generation of farmers.

Bonnefield LP I is now closed to further fundraising and is currently fully invested.

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