OTTAWA, Canada, September 19, 2013 ? Bonnefield Financial, Canada’s only national farmland investment manager, has announced semi-annual financial results for Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP I and Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP II.

LP I highlights include:

  • 17.68 per cent return for investors, inclusive of cash distributions
  • cash distributions of 5.0 per cent per annum
  • 61.29 per cent cumulative return since inception (inception April 2010)

LP II highlights include:

  • 5.4 per cent cumulative return on initial investments made since inception on January 30 , 2013
  • subsequent to June 30, the remaining capital of LP II has been fully committed
  • cash distributions to be determined after the initial investment period

Both Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP and LP II are 100 per cent Canadian owned. LP I and LP II have more than $50 million in capital that has been deployed to provide land lease financing to farmers across Canada. To date Bonnefield’s partnerships have secured approximately 35,000 acres of farmland for farmers located in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick. Both LPs are fully invested.

In July 2013, Bonnefield announced LP III, Canada’s largest farmland partnership, with various initial commitments totalling $100M.

For more information:

Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP I fact sheet
Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP II: fact sheet 

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