Presentations and Research Papers

Welcome to the Bonnefield resource centre where you can learn more about investing in farmland, Canada’s agriculture industry and Bonnefield’s programs for Canadian farm families.

Investing in Agriculture

The Role of Farmland in Mitigating Climate Change
A paper published by Bonnefield Research, 2020
Agriculture Economics 101
A short tutorial explaining how agricultural economics is different than other industries and the implications for investors.
Investment Merits of Farmland
An overview of the key financial attractions of investing in Canadian farmland.

Canada’s Agriculture Industry

Right sizing the farm
A paper published by Bonnefield Research, 2018
Canada’s Forage Crop
A research paper published by Bonnefield Research, 2016

Bonnefield Programs for Farm Families

Farmland Lease Financing
An overview of farmland lease financing and why progressive farm operators are partnering with Bonnefield.
Land-Unit Exchange
An overview of Bonnefield’s Land-Unit Exchange program and how it can help farmers meet their goals.