Protecting Farmland for Farming

Land-Unit Exchange Program

Since 2009, Bonnefield has been creating long-term financial partnerships with Canadian farmers to help them grow, reduce debt and finance retirement and succession while protecting Canadian farmland for farming. In the process, we’ve met many farmers whose single biggest asset is their land: a healthy retirement plan, but for some, a rigid one.

Simply put, through the Land-Unit Exchange Program, farmers can transfer their land to Bonnefield on a tax deferred basis and receive the value in units of Bonnefield Canadian Evergreen Limited Partnership. If desired, the transfer also can be structured such that the farmers receive some cash and some units.

Some farmers will find the program useful for estate planning since cash and units are easier to divide amongst beneficiaries than land. And, for those farmers who aren’t ready to retire, Bonnefield offers the opportunity to continue to work the land through our lease program.