Vice President, Capital Markets

Bonnefield’s Vice President, Capital Markets (VPCM) is responsible for the company’s sales and distribution functions and works closely with the VP Marketing and VP Corporate Development to devise and deliver Bonnefield’s investment products to investors.  Reporting to the CEO, the VPCM is a key contributor to the strategic direction of the firm and participates on the senior management committee of Bonnefield.

The VPCM role will evolve and change as Bonnefield grows and the industry changes.  The key responsibilities outlined below are indicative of activities expected of the VPCM and not a complete list of all duties expected of the position.

Roles & Responsibilities of Bonnefield’s Vice President, Capital Markets


  • The VPCM is a key contributor to the strategic direction of Bonnefield and participates on the company’s senior management committee. In this capacity, the VPCM is expected to provide advice and input to the committee with respect to developments in capital markets and investor attitudes that impact Bonnefield’s business activities.
  • The VPCM will be relied upon by the entire Bonnefield organization to provide day-to-day insight into capital market trends as they evolve, and to provide the senior management team with insight as to how those trends impact Bonnefield’s business. What are investor’s appetites?  How are those appetites changing?  What are the opportunities to expand Bonnefield’s current offerings?  What are the opportunities for new investment products?  What opportunities and threats will changing financial market conditions pose for Bonnefield?
  • The VPCM is responsible for developing a sales and distribution team with the necessary experience, capabilities and account management processes to maximize the sales and distribution of (i) the funds currently managed by Bonnefield, and (ii) potential new investment products.
  • Key leadership responsibilities include the delegation of activities to, and the coaching, technical training and career development of, staff who report directly and indirectly to the VPCM.
  • The VPCM will work closely with the VP Marketing to devise and implement a marketing culture at Bonnefield that has a nuanced understanding of the company’s target markets, their investment objectives, and the ways that Bonnefield can satisfy those objectives.
  • The VPCM will work closely with the Vice President of Corporate Development in designing and providing market feedback on potential new investment products.

Key Deliverables

  • The VPCM will design and implement a fulsome account management strategy for Bonnefield. The account management strategy must incorporate measurable milestones that can be monitored by senior management.  The strategy must also include specific marketing responsibilities for dedicated sales & distribution staff as well as the broader senior management team at Bonnefield.
  • The account management strategy established by the VPCM must include specific strategies for managing and expanding Bonnefield’s relationships with:
    • Institutional investors
    • Family offices
    • High-net-worth investors
    • Pension consultants
    • Channel partners such as feeder funds, investment counselors and intermediaries;
    • 3rd party introduction service providers; and
    • Potential strategic partners
  • The VPCM will review Bonnefield’s existing implementation and oversee any modifications and/or enhancements necessary to monitor and implement the new account management strategy.
  • The VPCM will participate in and lead Bonnefield’s sales, account management and marketing training for appropriate staff (such as Sandler Sales Methods and Pragmatic Marketing, etc.).
  • The VPCM will lead an effort to ensure Bonnefield and its investment funds are rated and recognized by leading pension benefit consultants and outsourced CIO service providers.
  • The VPCM is responsible for delivering on specific annual fundraising budget targets established in conjunction with the CEO and other senior management committee members.
  • The VPCM is responsible for creating a capital-markets-focused culture at Bonnefield that promotes investor considerations as a core of the company’s activities and continually expands sales and growth opportunities for the firm.

Job Specific Skills

  • Bonnefield’s VPCM is both a “facilitator” and a “closer”.
  • Bonnefield’s VPCM has a broad experience in Canadian and international capital markets and a detailed understanding of institutional, high-net-worth and consultant channels.
  • Experience working in an institutional account management, sales or institutional portfolio management capacity would be strong advantages.
  • The VPCM has a track record that demonstrates success in account coverage, marketing and sales of investment products.
  • Bonnefield’s VPCM has a knowledge of alternative assets. Experience in agriculture, infrastructure and/or real estate would be preferred.
  • The VPCM has strong presentation, networking and inter-personal skills and is comfortable presenting, public speaking and leading discussions in both small and large group settings.
  • The VPCM has exceptional strategic thinking capabilities backed by strong analytical skills.
  • Proven ability to work collaboratively with senior management teams, as well as external investors and strategic partners.
  • Ability to manage staff and work effectively with colleagues in multiple geographic locations.
  • Ability to develop high-performing teams with strong communication, networking and presentation skills and with experience influencing others.
  • In keeping with other Bonnefield senior management team members, the VPCM candidate will be required to participate in a leadership psychometric assessment and a one-on-one leadership consultation as well as occasional leadership training activities sponsored by Bonnefield.

Educational Qualifications

  • Strong academic credentials with a post graduate and/or professional degree.
  • Financial qualifications such as CFA are a strong advantage.
  • Bonnefield’s VPCM is expected to acquire and maintain the necessary qualifications to lead the company’s sales & distribution efforts and to comply with all applicable regulatory obligations of the company (such as Exempt Market Dealer obligations, etc.)

Minimum Experience

  • Minimum 5+ years of professional experience in investment banking, investment management, pension fund management and/or funds distribution industry


  • May be located in either of Bonnefield’s Toronto or Ottawa offices, but a significant time commitment is required in both locations.


  • Immediate