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Bonnefield is Canada's foremost provider of land-lease financing for farmers, dedicated to preserving "farmland for farming" across Canada. Bonnefield and its farmland funds are 100% Canadian owned and controlled. 

  • We provide land-lease financing to successful, growth-oriented Canadian farm operators. Learn more...

  • We provide individuals, family offices and institutional investors with opportunities to invest in
    Canadian farmland through pooled limited partnerships.

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Bonnefield Tom Eisenhauer 4 days ago


India's deadline on trade dispute over Canadian pulses extended to June 30, via @fccagriculture

Bonnefield Tom Eisenhauer 5 days ago


The world wants Canada to scrap supply management, but does it make sense? - National |

Presentations & Research

How can we best protect Canadian farmland?  President Tom Eisenhauer appeared before the Standing Senate Committee to offer Bonnefield's research and recommendations. Read remarks.