About Us

Bonnefield provides alternative financing solutions to progressive farm families which supports their long-term strategic planning. In turn, Bonnefield offers accredited investors an opportunity to gain exposure to the unique investment characteristics of Canadian farmland. All while preserving farmland for farming.


In 2005, when trying to get an agricultural business back on its feet, the company’s owner’s realized that the path to financial success was in restructuring the balance sheet. If they could sell some of their land, and lease it back on a long-term basis, they could unlock their equity in the land, and finance their business appropriately. However, at the time, no such solution existed for Canadian farmland. This gap in the market led to the development of Bonnefield which, over the last ten years, has grown to have over $1 bn of assets under management (AUM). Read the full story.


Our multi-disciplinary team brings a unique approach to farmland investment and management that protects farmland for farming and helps both farm families and investors to achieve their goals.