Investing in Agriculture

Canada’s Climate Change Advantage

This paper discusses the impact of climate change on some of the world’s major agricultural exporting countries and on global food security, as well as Canada’s unique attributes in a global context.

The Role of Farmland in Mitigating Climate Change

This research paper serves to illustrate the complex nature of the climate while highlighting agriculture’s role in mitigating the negative impacts of climate change.

Agriculture Economics 101

A short tutorial explaining how agricultural economics is different than other industries and the implications for investors.

Investment Merits of Farmland

An overview of the key financial attractions of investing in Canadian farmland.

Canada’s Agriculture Industry

Sustainable Irrigation & Water Management in Alberta

In this document, Bonnefield discusses Alberta’s Irrigation Districts and how sustainable irrigation drives farmland values.

COVID-19 Potential Impacts on Canadian Agriculture

This document provides some insights into how we believe the spread of the virus, and the corresponding economic slowdown, are impacting the Canadian agricultural community.

COVID-19 and Canadian Agriculture - April Update

An update on the potential impacts of COVID-19 on Canadian agriculture.

Right Sizing the Farm

Optimizing the balance sheet by “right sizing the farm” is a critical component for long-term success in farming.

COVID-19 and Canadian Agriculture - July Update

Virus progression and implications for harvest.

Canada's Forage Crop

The overlooked cornerstone of Canadian agriculture, forage crops are Canada’s largest crop by production volume.

COVID-19 and Canadian Agriculture - May Update

Supply chain activities and Canadian farmland transactions.

Bonnefield Programs for Farm Families

Farmland Lease Financing

An overview of farmland lease financing and why progressive farm operators are partnering with Bonnefield.

Land-Unit Exchange

An overview of Bonnefield’s Land-Unit Exchange program and how it can help farmers meet their goals.