Bay Street veteran to manage fund operations and farmland investments

OTTAWA, Canada, July 6, 2009 — Bonnefield today announced the appointment of Tom Eisenhauer as President of Bonnefield Financial. Bonnefield is Canada’s first national farmland management and investment company. Bonnefield Financial is its investment arm.

Eisenhauer brings more than 20 years of finance industry experience in a broad range of private equity investing, investment banking and merchant banking activities to Bonnefield. Most recently he was Managing Partner of Latitude Partners, which he founded in 1999. He has been a member of numerous private and public company boards.

“In addition to his perspective and expertise in investment management and finance, Tom is dedicated to preserving Canadian farmland for farming use,” said Jan Kaminski, President of Bonnefield “Our goal is to increase the productivity, profitability and long-term sustainability of farmland. Tom is a sought-after executive and we’re pleased that he has chosen to join Bonnefield and take on this challenge with us.”

Over the past few years, global economic conditions — growing demand for food but declining amounts of arable land – have been driving up the value of farmland making it an attractive investment. At the same time, farm operators are taking on greater debt-loads in an effort to make their farms more profitable. Bonnefield is bridging the gap between investors and farm investors and operators, helping to create value for investors, increase profitability for operators and preserve farmland for farming.