Long-time farm operator and realtor an asset to farmland management and investment firm

OTTAWA, Canada, January 2009 — Bonnefield today announced the appointment of Wally Johnston as Vice President of Business Development. Bonnefield is Canada’s first national farmland management and investment company. The company purchases and holds Canadian farmland for farming-use by leasing farmland to progressive operators and working with them long-term to improve their  efficiency, while preserving the integrity of the land.

As a former farmland owner/operator, Johnston brings hands-on experience to Bonnefield with a knowledge and understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by farm operators. With 20 years in the real estate industry, Johnston will be instrumental in coordinating farmland purchase and lease transactions.

Over the past few years, global economic conditions — growing demand for food but declining amounts of arable land – have been driving up the value of farmland making it an attractive investment. At the same time, farm operators are taking on greater debt-loads in an effort to make their farms more profitable. Bonnefield is bridging the gap between investors and farm investors and operators, helping to create value for investors, increase profitability for operators and preserve farmland for farming.