Bonnefield Financial Inc. (Bonnefield), a leading farmland investment management firm with over $900mm of Assets Under Management (AUM), today announced the most recent close of fundraising into Bonnefield Canadian Farmland Evergreen LP (Evergreen LP). Evergreen LP is an open-ended fund that invests in a diversified portfolio of core farmland across Canada.

“At a time when many funds are experiencing net redemptions, completing a fundraise that includes investment from both new and existing investors speaks to the attractive attributes of this asset class, which are highlighted in times of market uncertainty,” said Tom Eisenhauer, CEO of Bonnefield. “Additionally, our pipeline for investment remains strong and has not been materially impacted by recent market events or impacts due to COVID-19.”

Bonnefield Financial has been actively monitoring the potential impacts of COVID-19 on Canadian agriculture and published updates can be found on its website.