Bonnefield Financial Inc. has completed a second round of financing for its Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP IV.  A new $70 million commitment from a large Canadian pension plan brings the total committed capital for LP IV to $130 million, and this total is expected to grow further in the coming months.

“This new commitment from one of Canada’s largest institutions shows the attractiveness of Bonnefield’s business model.” said Tom Eisenhauer, Bonnefield’s CEO.  “Canadian farmers use our long-term, farmland sale-leaseback solutions to grow, reduce debt, and help transition their farm to the next generation.  At the same time, our approach produces consistently attractive, low-risk, low-volatility returns for investors. And best of all, it enables us to ensure prime farmland across Canada is protected for farming use.”

With the new commitment to LP IV, Bonnefield’s total assets under administration now exceed $500 million across three active funds. “Our asset growth is the result of strong interest from both institutional and high-net-worth investors in farmland as an attractive, inflation-hedging investment.”, said Eisenhauer. “Bonnefield’s scale has enabled us to assemble the most diversified, highest-quality farmland portfolio in Canada, with approximately 100,000 acres coast-to-coast, farmed by  70 Canadian farm families who grow a broad range of crops including grains, pulses, vegetables, potatoes, fruit, and specialty crops.”