OTTAWA Canada, December 4, 2014 – Bonnefield Financial is pleased to announce it has qualified to become a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investments Initiative (UN PRI). Founded in 2006, UN PRI is a network of global investors committed to working together to put principles of responsible investing into practice. Signatories follow a set of six principles that protect the environment, benefit society, and promote sound governance through integrity and transparent reporting.

Bonnefield is the first Canadian farmland investment management company to qualify to join UN PRI. With more than $320 million under management, Bonnefield’s goal is to protect the integrity of “farmland for farming” by working with local Canadian farm operators to help them grow, reduce debt and diversify their assets, while promoting both good farming practices and sound business practices.

To date Bonnefield’s partnerships have secured approximately 40,000 acres of farmland for farmers located in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick.

“We are proud to be welcomed into a global community of investors that recognize the importance of sustainable decision-making and investing,” said Bonnefield Financial President Tom Eisenhauer. “In joining this Initiative we further our commitment to promote sound farmland management practices, help improve efficiencies and protect the agronomic integrity of farmland, and by extension the value of farmland investments.”