OTTAWA, Canada, March 9, 2016 – Common conceptions of Canadian agriculture would place wheat or canola as the country’s largest crops, however, forage crops, including those iconic rolled hay bales that dot our landscape, are in fact Canada’s largest crop by production volume.

In Bonnefield’s latest research paper, Canada’s Forage Crop, the authors examine the Canadian forage industry from natural grasslands to high-quality seeded crops. They highlight the important role this crop plays within the Canadian agriculture industry and discuss the emerging opportunities for forage managers and producers across the country.

“While the Canadian forage industry is not as widely understood as some of the more quantifiable and visual Canadian crops, it is one of the most significant agricultural sectors in Canada,” says Bonnefield President Tom Eisenhauer.

A free copy of Canada’s Forage Crop, the overlooked cornerstone of Canadian agriculture, is available in the resources section of the Bonnefield website.