Bonnefield Announces Initial Closing of Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP IV

With fourth limited partnership, Bonnefield continues to invest in Canadian “farmland for farming”

TORONTO, Ontario July 30, 2016 – Bonnefield Financial today announced the initial closing of Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP IV (LP IV) with a $60 million commitment from a current Canadian investor.

Like Bonnefield’s three previous limited partnerships, LP IV will be used to provide Canadian farmers with land-lease financing to help fund their growth and their succession plans as well as to help them reduce debt and improve profitability.

Investors in LP IV will have exposure to a portfolio of Canadian farmland with the goal of generating stable long-term growth of capital and annual income. The portfolio will be diversified across Canada and across different crops and farm operators.

“Bonnefield bridges the gap between investors and farm operators, helping to create value for investors, increase profitability for operators and preserve farmland for farming,” said Tom Eisenhauer, Bonnefield’s president and CEO.

LP III now fully deployed

Coincident with the first close of LP IV, Bonnefield completed deployment of Bonnefield Canadian Farmland LP III, a $261 million fund that was raised in 2014. With its final investment now completed, LP III becomes the most valuable and most diversified portfolio of Canadian farmland ever assembled and the only portfolio with a coast-to-coast presence in Canada, having partnered with 53 farmers from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.

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