Bonnefield Financial Inc., Canada’s foremost provider of land lease financing to Canadian farmers, has announced new staff appointments and new hires to begin 2018. In making these staff appointments, Tom Eisenhauer, CEO of Bonnefield said “These promotions and changing roles reflect a huge amount of effort contributed in the past few years by the individuals involved. It also reflects a growing, dynamic and increasingly capable Bonnefield – the result of the combined efforts of 17 people that I’m extremely proud to work with.”

The new roles and responsibilities for key staff members include the following Bonnefield individuals:

  • Carly Joachimides has been promoted to the position of Senior Accountant. Carly joined Bonnefield in mid-2016. In her former Staff Accountant position she quickly took on increasing work load and responsibilities. In her new Senior Accountant role, she will be reporting to Anne-Marie Albert and work primarily on our property management accounting activities. Bonnefield is currently seeking an additional hire to fill Carly’s former Staff Accountant position as Carly takes on more responsibility within the finance team.
  • Anne-Marie Albert has been promoted to become Bonnefield’s Controller. In her previous role as Bonnefield’s Assistant Controller, Anne-Marie was a key contributor to our audit, budget, accounting, and finance activities. Anne-Marie will now lead these activities and replace Jeremy Rutke as Controller for Bonnefield.
  • Jeremy Rutke becomes Bonnefield’s Director of Finance & Chief Compliance Officer. In this role, Jeremy will continue to be responsible for Bonnefield’s finance and accounting activities and will also take on the important role of ensuring Bonnefield’s compliance with securities regulations as well as compliance with our many-and-growing numbers of limited partnerships and other agreements and contracts.
  • Chris Verrilli has been named Bonnefield’s Chief Financial Officer. Chris has been playing the CFO role behind the scenes for some time now, but in 2018 Chris will take a more active spotlight role, both internally and externally, from leading key strategy initiatives, to overall coaching and direction of Bonnefield’s finance team, to an increasing front-line role with investors.
  • As of January 2018, JJ Vanasse will take on a new title of Chief Operating Officer in addition to his continuing role as President of our Property Management operations. JJ’s new COO title is an acknowledgement of the role he has played for a long time – keeping Bonnefield and our growing staff compliment coordinated and organized.
  • Roy Farrer’s new title will be Director of Property Management & Business Development. In addition to his existing role running our property management activities, Roy has begun working with Wally Johnston (VP Business Development) and Marcus Mitchell (VP Investment Management) to expand Bonnefield’s business development activities.
  • Bonnefield is also pleased to welcome Cameron de Gooyer to its Toronto-office intern position. Cameron is currently an MBA candidate from Dalhousie University, located in Halifax. Cameron will be with us until September 2018.