OTTAWA, Canada, November 1, 2011 —Canadian Farmland Investment will be the topic of discussion when Bonnefield Financial President Tom Eisenhauer speaks this month at Ag 2.0 Global Investments Conference and the 13th Annual Canadian Private Equity Summit.

Ag 2.0 Global investments Conference is scheduled for November 7-8 in Toronto. The conference series focuses on the business of sustainable agriculture. Since its premiere in New York City in 2009, Agriculture 2.0 has garnered wide-ranging respect from all sides of the sustainable agriculture industry for its seriousness of purpose and ability to provide a fertile environment for collaboration. Mr Eisenhauer will speak at November 7th at 2:45pm.

The 13th Annual Canadian Private Equity Summit is scheduled for November 17, 2011 in Toronto. This year’s conference will focus on emerging investment themes, trends and opportunities. Mr Eisenhauer will speak at November 17th at 11:00am.

Mr Eisenhauer is a sought after speaker on Canadian farmland and agri-business investment. He most recently spoke at the World Agriculture Investment Conference in London UK and the Canadian Farmland & Agri-business Investment Seminar in Toronto.